I like football, even with the time difference I try to watch at least the World Cup and the European Championship. I watched the last World Cup on SBS but this time around they only managed to secure a handful of games. As they’re a public service it makes sense after all that they wouldn’t buy the rights for all the games. A quick search on Google indicated that beIN SPORTS CONNECT is the way to go in Australia - I will refer to this service as beIN for the rest of this post.


As the pricing seems reasonable I decided to go ahead. The page is loaded over HTTPS so we start well but to my surprise the form contains a password remainder field. Password remainders are a bad practice as users tend to fill them with their password (when allowed) or with a hint that is an obvious give away.

As I don’t know any of my password, a password reminder is useless to me so I always generate a strong unique random password for this field. After trying to submit the form I got the following error:


I don’t understand the benefits of restricting the characters I can use. On the contrary it seems to indicate this site is potentially vulnerable to XSS. I generate another reminder without “special” characters and get presented with another error:


So my valid email address is in an “Incorrect format”. How convenient should they ever decide to sell my data to a third party without me being able to track it back to them.

I start to have a bad feeling about the password requirements. After all the only one that is stated is that my password should be at least 6 characters. I decide to use “123456” and also use it as the password reminder. <clickbait>You won’t believe what happens next!</clickbait>. Actually I’m sure you knew what would happen: the form happily accepted my password and let me reuse it in the reminder field. Well at least I “can access the site securely” (emphasis is mine).


One last thing before we move on to the dessert. Does it seem normal to be loading so many third party JavaScript files on a registration page? They’re even loading ads and we know what malicious ads do to your browser and it’s not kind (malware installation, credentials theft…).


form loaded over HTTP

Yes you read that right. Even though the form is POSTing to HTTPS by then it is too late. An attacker could have already intercepted the initial HTTP response and pointed the form to the URL of his choosing.

Sometimes websites still offer sign-in over HTTPS when you look for it but it doesn’t seem to be the case here. redirects to and trying to access results in something you should never see:



If you’re already using beIN or are planning on starting to use it at least generate a unique password so that when they get compromised attackers will not gain access to your account on other services.

I understand going all HTTPS would require a tremendous amount of work but beIN could first take some other steps that would make a big difference:

  • Remove the password reminder altogether
  • Provide a dedicated HTTPS only sign-in page
  • Stop loading third-party ads on the sign-in page