My name is Gabriel Weyer. I’m a software developer based in Melbourne, Australia. I blog about technology.

I like building, supporting and operating products. While C# and ASP.NET Core are the tools I’m the most proficient with, I enjoy front-end development too. I’ve a keen interest in Continuous Integration and Deployment, testing, logging, cloud, distributed systems, security and troubleshooting.

Public Speaking

.NET Core 3 / ASP.NET Core 3 - talked at Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event in April 2019.

WinDbg [slides] - gave a brownbag in April 2018 on how to get started with WinDbg.

CodeCleanser [slides] - wrote a small utility built on top of Roslyn to clean code generated from a DLL. Presented the tool at ALT.NET Melbourne meetup in June 2016.

Pragmatic testing for developers [slides] - gave a brownbag in April 2016 on how to approach automated testing.

Running Docker in production - gave this presentation with my co-speaker Martin Booth at DDD Melbourne 2015, ALT.NET Melbourne meetup in November 2015 and the Docker Melbourne meetup in December 2015.


I contribute to open-source as a way to show my gratitude for all the amazing frameworks and libraries available. My latest contributions include Cake and WebApi.Hal.

I wrote Beanstalk Seeder and Simple Routing to ease AWS Beanstalk development. I created Unsupported Types to be able to store objects transparently in Azure Table storage. My most popular NuGet package is xunit-to-junit, a .NET Core global tool that transforms xUnit.net v2 XML test results file into a JUnit test results file.